"Kashka Suu" ski base

To date, "The tourist center of Kashka-Suu" has a hotel complex, a conference room, a café, sauna, chair lifts and cable cars towing, equipment hire, car parking, a sports court and a skating rink. "Visitor Centre Kashka-Suu" can at the same time to host 65 people in the hotel different comfort levels.

"Kashka Suu" hotel

The hotel is designed for 65 seats. The hotel rooms of different comfort levels: standard, junior suites. Non-standard: 2, 3, 4 bedded rooms. Facilities (toilet, shower) on the floor. There are several private rooms for business gatherings.

"Kashkulak" hotel

The hotel is located 300 meters from the hotel "Kashka-Suu" in a protected area. At 30 meters from the towing cable car. The hotel is designed for 22 seats. Junior suites: 2, 3 local numbers. Room facilities (toilet, shower). Suites: 2 rooms, designed for three people.


Chairlift length of 1365 m, speed of 2m / s, elevation - 380m. The cable car takes you from 1890m to a height of 2270 meters, with a magnificent view of the city and surrounding area. The cable car is not only used for lifting snowboarders and skiers, as well as for sightseeing tours. Towing cableway length of 861 m, with a height difference of 260 m and a speed of 2.5 m / s is ideal for both beginners and professionals, combining the two sections of the route: 1 - a gentle slope, 2- steep descent. Both cableways are scheduled annual inspection, are equipped with cable catchers and emergency stop buttons. There are 7 tracks of varying difficulty and length, which are interconnected by two cable cars. When buying a day ticket to both cable cars you have the unique opportunity to choose a new route.

Ropeways working hours


  • Wednesday - Sunday – 10:00 – 16:00
  • Holidays – 10:00-16:00
  • (Monday, Tuesday) – by order, hourly payment.

    Towing cableway:

    • Saturday, Sunday – 10:00 – 16:00
    • Holidays – 10:00-16:00
    • (Tuesday - Friday) – by order, hourly payment. Monday - preventive maintenance.


      On the basis of the two fields is prepared to fill the rink. Depending on weather conditions or filled with large ice rink, located on the playground or lawn, located in front of the hut.

      Both the rink at night lit and music plays. Especially nice to skate when it snows. The rental skates are available in all sizes for a few pairs.


    • Order complex feeding, as well as any other food service performed in advance and discussed with the administrator. You can order a separate breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can also create your own menu for the duration of their stay. For seminars provide coffee breaks.
    • In the winter, you can order food at the cafe, which is located near the drive chairlift. As a rule, it is a variety of national dishes, barbecue, snacks and warming drinks.
    • The third option feeding, bring with yourself.
    • Sauna

      A small cozy sauna, designed for the company 10 - 15 people. Booking must leave in advance, for 5-7 hours, the spring-summer and autumn of 7-9 hours, in winter, to warm up the steam room and changing room. Established a Finnish steam bath, designed for 7 people, swimming pool with cold spring water, and a waiting room for 10-15 people with tables and benches, as well as a shower with hot and cold water.

      Rental of ski equipment

      You can rent, ski and snowboard sets as well as skates and iceboats.

      Baby kits:

    • Ski sizes – 135-150 cm.
    • Snowboard sizes – 130–150 cm.

    • Snowboard kits:

    • Shoes: sizes - 33-45;
    • Height: 130 – 165 см;
    • Brands: Rossignol, Head и др.
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