Over 20 km. trails can satisfy and experienced skier, and a man to conquer the mountain slopes for the first time. Here expanse for lovers of freeride and for those who prefer to ski on groomed trails. Catania features wide spacious descents on virgin soil, and specially prepared slopes. Extent of each descent varies from 400 m to 3.5 km. Most of the route passes through pine forest. You can ride at any altitude. The highest point of 3040m skiing. The difference 740m altitude, the minimum slope of 7%, the maximum slope of 53%. With panoramic views of the top of the next five thousand meters and the mountain lake Issyk-Kul.

In the winter, since the beginning of the 2008-2009 season the slopes are served by two triples and two double chair lifts. All the tracks are prepared "Rrinoth" company snowcat. Delivery will take snowmobiles on the slopes for the lovers ride on the chubby snow. In the rental pick up for you individually updated annually ski equipment - skis, "Rossignol" company snowboards. With the latest equipment of the company "Wintersteiger" will help you with the repair and service of your equipment, with the possibility, if necessary, to fit your new ski boots on your foot. And if you first stood on skis, the professional instructors will teach you the art of skiing. We recommend that you at least once to enjoy one with an instructor-guide through the fabulous winter forest, where you get a lot of unforgettable experiences!

Freeride (from the English free ride - Free ride) - free off-piste skiing in the big mountains. It opens up vast new opportunities, lets you feel skiing a whole new way, makes it possible to select. Freeride - a new level of skiing or snowboarding. It is the ability to feel confident when riding on various reliefs, for different snow conditions - from the deep fluffy virgin soil to hard firn slopes. Freeride - is the ability to understand mountainous terrain and use it to select the safest routes. On the ski base "Karakol" take into account the rapid growth in popularity of freeriding and allocated for this purpose special slopes.
Ice rink
Every year on the ski base Karakol operates an ice rink. Ice produced professional technique known Canadian firm Zamboni. The rental skates are available in all sizes. We wish you all a pleasant stay.
Favorite winter entertainment for children and adults - sledging. In the "Karakol" you can experience the atmosphere of carefree fun, rolled down on a sled with a specially prepared slopes. The isolation of the slope makes sledging absolutely safe. So that children can have fun on their own, while their mom and dad are skiing. However, the width of the slope at the same time allows you to roll the whole family or a large company. And even if you are an experienced skier, do not deny yourself the pleasure to remember his childhood, and come down from the mountain on a sled. Seaside fun, joy and laughter are guaranteed.
Off-piste enthusiasts can ride through the woods or down the eastern slope of virgin snow. Conquest of the vast expanses of snow will give you a crazy fun and a sense of unrestricted freedom of Karakol sliding on snow. Here you will find unexplored sensations and vivid emotions. Here you will learn new things about the power of his spirit, and assess the level of his skill, and most importantly feel the discoverer, conqueror of the elements. A variety of natural decoration, created by the mountain terrain, snow and wind, will allow you to experience the real excitement of flight, breathtaking.

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