The picturesque gorge Chychkan is situated along the road Bishkek - Osh, just behind the Ala-Bel pass at an altitude of 2200 m above sea level. Chychkan in Kyrgyz language means "a little mouse”. It has received its name because a lot of field mice inhabit the valley.

The slopes in Chychkan gorge are covered by Tien Shan spruce, juniper, wild barberry bushes and brambles. At the bottom of the gorge Chychkanruns the rough mountain river bearing the same name.

In the gorge Chychkanon the 251 km of Bishkek-Osh road is located the tourist complex Ak-ilbirs. The complex includes 2 cottages and motel Oson. The first cottage has 1 triple room and 5 double rooms, as well as the dining area on the veranda. The second cottage has 1 triple room, 4 double rooms, bar restaurant, with a capacity of 50 people, and a fireplace room.

On the bank of the river Chychkan, in a beautiful pine forest, is located the motel “Oson”. It can accommodate 30 people. The hotel consists of 13 double rooms of economy class and two deluxe rooms.

Lovers of the exotic can stay in a yurt with national decorations. The motel has a restaurant, which is open 24 hours a day, and an outdoor pond for mountain swimming enthusiasts.

Here you can go on exciting tours to the waterfall, to the lake Caz-Kel, walk in the gorge Ashu-Bulak, do fishing as well as have an opportunity to climb to the top of the gorge Ashu-Bulak (altitude 3100 m) or in the gorge Kazy-Jar (altitude 3483 m).

Waterfall, falling from a height of eight meters, forms a small lake with crystal clear water ice. The path from the road to the waterfall takes an hour of walking and is accessible even to novice tourists. Above Ak-Ilbirs complex eight kilometers away is located the gorge It Agar. There, surrounded by coniferous forests, lies the picturesque lake Caz-Kel.

In the gorge Ashu-Bulak, in wild thickets of raspberry and blackberry, flows a crystal clear stream, forming a cascade of small waterfalls. After an hour of climbing the gorge before your eyes opens a magnificent view of the mountain peaks.

Here you will have an unforgettable holiday in the beauty of pristine nature, crystal clear air of alpine meadows and mountain streams. Chychkan Gorge is one of the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan with almost untouched pristine nature.

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Prices for accommodation in the guest house "Ak-Ilbirs"(in KGS) per one day.

Room type Price
Standard double room (2 persons per room) 1200
Standard Triple Room (3 persons in the room) 1800
Standard Double Room (1 person in the room) 800
Prices for accommodation in a motel "Auson""(in KGS) per one day.

Type of number Price for groups of 7 people or more Less than 7 people
Standard double room (2 persons per room) 2400 2700
Standard Triple Room (3 persons in the room) 3200 3600
Standard twin / double room (1 person in the room) 1700 1800
On 2 accompanying person for groups of 7 or more 50 % 50 %

Types of tours in Chychkan Gorge:

Tracking tours
Horse tours