«Asian Roads» is a team of professionals. We always adhere to the interests and wishes of the client and take an individual approach to each order.

Since 2010 our company has been the tickets agent for "Air Kyrgyzstan", Since 2012 the agent of “Air Bishkek”, and in November of 2016 has signed agreements with the airline company "Pegasus Asia" and the airline «Avia Traffic Company».

In order to meet the increasing demands of passengers and not to be limited to flights to Russia and within Kyrgyzstan, the company has gained access to the TAP system (Transport Clearing House) in 2013. The TAP includes 115 Russian and CIS airlines, including airline Fly Dubai.

Avia Tickets

Over the years, we have increased our network of sub agents who provide services for the sale of air, train, bus tickets and travel services from their offices throughout Kyrgyzstan, including through the mail offices. We are also able to issue railway tickets to Kazakhstan and Russian Railways.

With us you can plan your whole trip: air flight with railway and bus trips from Bishkek to Russia, and from there to Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic states. The estimated cost of second-class train tickets (KGS) is the following.

Train and bus tickets