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Al Barsha is the best choice, if you're interesting in luxury shopping. Here, the best value for money in Dubai! Compared to other options in the city, guests get more for the same money.

Sharjah favorite tourist destination in the city a lot of hotel is located on the shore of the sea amazing. However, some tourists can stop what Sharjah - the strictest morals at resort city. It prohibited here to sunbathe half-naked, and you can swim only in the private beaches. Taboo applies to alcoholic beverages, they are not even in hotels.

Rest in Sharjah a good option for those who can not afford it Dubai or similar expensive resorts. Staying in the city, the tourist gets a terrific vacation on the shores of the Persian Gulf, and a free shopping in Dubai, which is only 10 minutes away. Nature lovers will be interested to know that Sharjah is a unique nature reserve «Wildlife Cente», live in cages which are on the verge of extinction different kinds of animals and plants of the Arabian Peninsula, including the famous Arabian leopard.

in Chychkan Gorge

Amazingly beautiful landscape, the birds singing, the sound is crystal clear river, the scent of herbs and alpine meadows, of course, pure mountain air - all this in a tourist complex "Auson" and "Ak Ilbirs" in one of the beautiful Chychkan gorge!