Bishkek Surroundings

It is a simple one-day tour that will include the highlights of Bishkek surroundings – the Baitik Baatyr Kumboz, the Ata Beyit Complex, and the Ala Archa national Park.

The Baitik Baatyr Kumboz

One of the most notable figures in the Kyrgyz history. Baitik Baatyr was a true defender of the rights and interests of the Kyrgyz people.

The Ata Beyit Complex

The Ata Beyit Memorial Complex is a memorial site and cemetery near Bishkek. Located in Chong-Tash, Ata Beyit, meaning “Grave of our Fathers” in the Kyrgyz language, is currently the site of many notable burials.

The Ala Archa National Park

Just 25 miles outside of the capital, Ala Archa’s striking gorge is one of the most beloved nature areas in Kyrgyzstan. In Kyrgyz, ala archa refers to the variegated juniper trees that adorn the canyon in every direction. Traditionally, Kyrgyz people use juniper to protect homes and ward off evil spirits. In Ala Archa, they’re a backdrop for a variety of year-round outdoor adventure activities, including hiking, trekking, and skiing.